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Based in Houston Texas, and serving clients nationwide, we offer full service interior design, styling and distance design.


Full Service Remodel

Callie Blanks Interiors offers full-service remodels for clients in Houston, Texas. This includes design planning, procurement, budget management, project & vendor management, and final styling. To begin, we schedule a discovery call to determine your design needs and how we can help. We understand how important home is and are honored to be part of the process of creating a space that inspires and delights.


Full Service Design

Callie Blanks Interiors offers full service design for clients in Houston, Texas. After an initial consultation call, we determine the style and present a plan for your design. From there, Callie and her team manage the project, procure items, oversee installation and add the final touches through styling.


Styled Spaces

Need something to add the finishing touch to your space? We offer full styling services for local clients. Intentional styling adds interest, personality, and warmth to any space. We incorporate a mix of unique new and vintage decor mixed with beautiful textures and fabrics to create a collected and layered look. Styling services are only available for clients in Houston, Texas.


Distance Design

Whether you live in a different state or around the globe, we are excited to help you curate a space that inspires and delights. Callie Blanks Interiors offers distance design services for remodels, furnishings, styling and consultations. Through distance design, we are step by step with you along the way as you complete your space.  

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