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Callie Blanks Interiors is dedicated to crafting unique and sustainable interiors that inspire and delight.

With a focus on vintage and collected pieces, Callie creates bespoke spaces that reflect your unique story. Her attention to detail and emphasis on craftsmanship ensures that every element in the designs are both functional and beautiful. Through paint, textures, fabric, and pattern, we create spaces that perfectly represent the people who call them home.


Callie Blanks


Growing up in small town Brady Texas, Callie remembers her mom cultivating a love of beauty, vintage, and creativity in their home. After graduating from Abilene Christian University, Callie and her husband, Brad, first renovated a foreclosed townhome. Despite the long nights and weekends of sweat equity, they fell in love with renovating and discovering a home’s hidden potential.  Callie's unique perspective of being designer, client, and project manager, all translates into a high level, comprehensive service to clients. Her can-do attitude creates a confident atmosphere for all who work with her. Today, Callie, husband Brad, and their 4 kids now live in Houston where she designs by day and strives to encourage the same creative atmosphere that she grew up in.

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